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MG-ALFA® (Asset Liability Financial Analysis) is Milliman’s market-leading financial modeling solution. It delivers exceptional calculation capabilities—a critical requirement to meet the needs of today's changing regulatory and risk management environment. We created MG-ALFA specifically for the life insurance industry, so every aspect of the system is geared toward a life insurer's environment, daily tasks, and business success. MG-ALFA combines advanced technology with intelligent technical design to deliver a product that has provided outstanding success to our clients and that can help meet your needs today and in the future.

With stochastic and nested stochastic capabilities, MG-ALFA provides the speed and capacity to run advanced analysis in real time. Companies use MG-ALFA to stochastically price complex product features and to deliver sophisticated risk management analytics to senior management. These capabilities allow MG-ALFA clients to quantify the effects of changing reserve and capital requirements today.

Advanced technology that's easy to use

MG-ALFA leverages leading-edge technology to deliver a powerful system. Extraordinarily user-friendly—with single-file input and management, flexible reporting, extensive validation tools, and push-button upgrades—actuaries do not need any programming background or dedicated programming support to operate the system.

If you want to implement MG-ALFA in a production environment, the system offers an array of utilities to support your IT department in establishing a controlled, auditable process. Additionally, we provide multiple grid-computing options to deliver the speed and capacity to meet your companys needs. 

Efficient design for dramatic time savings

With an innovative design specifically built to run complex ALM models quickly, MG-ALFA significantly reduces project start-to-finish time. Automated production modeling streamlines the model refresh process and shortens reporting cycles. The system also includes a broad selection of utilities to minimize task time and maximize efficiency.

Customizable for your organization's processes

MG-ALFA allows users to tailor inputs, formulas, and reporting to meet their unique needs. It features an intuitive formula syntax with control utilities to meet production requirements.

Integrity with flexibility

MG-ALFA offers the precise balance of open code flexibility and the control required for management confidence and regulatory compliance. The underlying accounting structure uses general ledger design and fundamental accounting principles to protect calculation integrity, while simultaneously facilitating business logic customization.

Our clients use MG-ALFA for:

  • Pricing
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Corporate modeling
  • Asset-liability management
  • Investment strategy analysis
  • Capital management
  • Financial reporting & evaluation
  • Risk management