Actuarial staff training

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Milliman's highly experienced actuaries offer comprehensive training to staff actuaries and their managers. Our services can include short-term outsourcing of actuarial and risk management responsibilities in addition to staff coaching. We provide training either onsite or at an outside facility.

The actuarial toolbox of the modern non-life actuary has expanded to include a range of relatively new and sophisticated techniques. The actuarial team at each company will have its own strengths and weaknesses, dependent on the prior experience and continuing education of its team members. Simultaneously, the actuarial profession is still young in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe and actuaries tend to possess solid mathematic and analytical skills, but may have difficulty exercising judgment in making assumptions, or in understanding and communicating each assumption's limitations. As well, companies may experience periods where senior-level actuarial support is not available in house.

We offer seminars on a wide range of actuarial topics, including:

  • deterministic claims reserving techniques
  • stochastic claims reserving techniques
  • linking management profitability targets to insurance pricing
  • using generalized linear models to improve profitability
  • objective rate monitoring
  • catastrophe ratemaking and monitoring
  • securitization of insurance risks
  • Solvency II compliance issues
  • successful communication between actuaries and company executives

Learn from experienced non-life insurance actuaries

Our consultants participate in continuous professional development throughout their careers and can offer instruction on current insurance industry actuarial practices. Milliman actuaries publish and present regularly at industry conferences and are in demand as teachers. Because we are part of a global network of Milliman actuaries, we are aware of emerging industry best practices wherever they may originate.

Milliman brings more than 60 years of insurance industry experience to our training services. We offer insight into the proper application of academic theory to the real-world actuarial challenges confronting non-life insurers today. We are also widely experienced in communication strategy and can assist actuaries in learning how to better explain the value of their work to nonactuary managers.