Contract analysis

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Backed by our many years of healthcare industry expertise in markets around the world, we provide insightful provider contract analysis for health insurers operating in Central and Eastern Europe. We use detailed comparative data from outside the region to help clients identify strategies for reducing their healthcare costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care.

Milliman's global expertise means we offer a unique perspective on industry best practices. We have extensive experience creating sophisticated financial models to compare differing providers on an equal basis. This process identifies both underperforming and outstanding providers. The highly detailed results point the way to possible strategies for improving efficiency and reducing cost. This analysis also provides vital information for future contract negotiations.

Our experts go beyond actuarial data analysis to advise on specific strategies for improving results, such as incentive programs to prompt providers to improve delivery systems. We are experienced in implementing evidence-based healthcare decision-making policies to produce more consistent and appropriate use of health services.

Powerful comparative tool is the industry gold standard

We have distilled more than 50 years of healthcare actuarial experience into our Health Cost Guidelines™. Compiled from a wealth of public and private data sources, the Guidelines are relied upon worldwide as a leading tool for comparing claim costs and healthcare use patterns with global best practices.

In countries with developing healthcare markets, the Guidelines provide invaluable insight into practices in the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Our Health Cost Guidelines are regularly updated to present the most current industry trends, evolving as medical practices change and new technologies are introduced.