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Milliman provides underwriting guidance to health insurers operating in Central and Eastern European markets. We combine our broad knowledge of global industry best practices with our understanding of local market conditions to offer practical advice on underwriting approaches best suited to a client's specific situation.

We can advise on the best underwriting methods for a proposed new product or new-market entry. Our experts bring extensive knowledge of best practices in healthcare underwriting, both locally and abroad.

Sophisticated tools for developing markets

In some markets, underwriting is a sophisticated process where premiums depend on existing medical conditions. In these cases, our consultants' advice is informed by the comprehensive data they obtain using our proprietary underwriting tool, Medical Underwriting Guidelines™ (MUGs™). With versions available for both small-group and individual medical underwriting, MUGs provide evidence-based underwriting guidelines for over 1,200 medical conditions.

In other markets, underwriting can simply mean designing the right medical questionnaire to suit the distribution channel and excluding pre-existing conditions. We have considerable experience in all types of underwriting and can combine clinical and actuarial knowledge to create the best solution for a particular client and market.

Successful in-house underwriting for a new product

Milliman helped a Polish insurer develop its underwriting manual for a new inpatient surgical product. Elements required for the project included medical questionnaires and lists of exclusions. As a result of our work, the client understood the financial implications of different underwriting strategies and was able to use its own internal underwriting parameters in the product launch. This offered cost savings and a better experience than relying on external underwriting systems not tailored to the Polish market.