Economic Scenarios Generation

Milliman CHESS

Software & Service. Rely on Milliman CHESS cloud-based Economic Scenarios Generator (ESG) for advanced modelling capabilities for both risk-neutral and real-world applications. We offer a “one-size-fits-all” ESG solution with best-in-class models catalog, as we recognize different models work better for different applications and economic environments. We provide advice on the best model in each context and the relevant tailored calibrations in line with each specific risk profile. As part of the Milliman CHESS service, we also offer our teams to secure the different steps of the production cycle and help our clients reach an optimal efficiency, risk management accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Validation & Audit. Make clear decisions with the web-based interface of Milliman CHESS. It secures the generation of economic scenarios in a scalable cloud environment making visualization of scenarios validation easy to understand. We include audit features, exhaustive model documentation, a collection of mirror Excel files that detail step-by-step derivations of economic scenarios, as well as automated validation reports. The calibration reports we provide are based on alliance partnerships with the most renowned financial data providers, subject to thorough data quality assessments.

Efficiency & Scalability. Take advantage of the cloud to distribute calibration, simulation and validation tasks and reach securely demanding timelines. Achieve a high level of automation and scalability when integrating Milliman CHESS as a full cloud solution in existing systems. The REST API executes the calibration, simulation and validation functionalities from any vendor or in-house system. We can also deliver Milliman CHESS as a component of Milliman Integrate for scalability and efficiency within a proven end-to-end technology.

Global & Local. Access Milliman CHESS services deployed in Europe & UK, US and Asia. Methodologies and data choices from the most renowned data providers have been tailored to reflect the highest degree of robustness and compliance in each market, such as for Solvency II, IFRS 17 and LDTI. Our teams of actuaries and financial engineers deliver the maximum potential of the solution within each specific environment. We are committed to assisting our clients to design approaches for their individual needs and in line with future challenges. Milliman CHESS was named Best ESG Software by Insurance ERM in 2019 and is also currently expanding its services to emerging markets and climate-related risks.

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